Intelligent customer messaging - Infracast give you a range of ways to get in touch with your customers via their mobile devices 

Customer Satisfaction

Keeping in touch with your customers by using their mobile devices, whether through SMS text, voice, in-app push or email, is now a proven tool in the customer satisfaction armoury.

We have over 10 years of experience of reliably enhancing communication, decreasing contact centre interaction and increasing engagement. If your goal is increasing loyalty and retention then Infracast has a range of products and a deep skills base to call on.


Keeping your business up to date with the technology your customers want to use can seem an impossible task. The Infracast team are continually adding new functionality and capabilities to our tried and tested products.

2013 saw the addition of in-app push messaging and new social media applications are set for go-live in 2014; while you have the comfort that these enhancements are all within the existing platform.


We have been working with Telefonica UK for over 10 years on a hundred of the UK's largest and best known businesses and organisations. We work with 5 of the 6 high street banks, with Police and Ambulance services, with airlines, retailers, distribution and delivery companies.

ISO27001 certified since 2010 we regularly undergo security audits and penetration tests on behalf of the banks – you can rely on us to meet your compliance needs and protect your reputation.


Infracast's products and services will help to drive your revenue growth through enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, and through improved yields and lifetime values.

Our focus on rapid delivery allows you to implement new services quickly and effectively.

And our products are designed to be flexibly scalable – existing customers range from one to millions of messages a day – taking away the headache of capacity management.


Infracast now have endless examples of how we can help you to reduce costs and improve efficiency at the same time. If you’re under pressure to do more with less we can solve the conundrum.

Taking enquiry calls out of your contact centre with simple regular update messages, for example, can yield ROI's that your finance team can normally only dream of. And the hosted service model gives you easy budgeting control and transparent TCO.


Our services start with quick, efficient implementation, but rest on industry-leading throughput and robust scalability.

Whether handling millions of messages an hour or ensuring immediate responses for our popular Two Factor Authentication service, Infracast's platforms are engineered for blue chip integration and backed up by a comprehensive international network. We have won our reputation with flexible, responsive customer service and unrivalled reliability.

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